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Construction of Yakutsk TPP-2

Construction of Yakutsk TPP-2
Construction of Yakutsk TPP-2 is determined by need of power back-up reserve and by need to substitute retirement of operating capacities. Power plant is providing 94% of energy for nine Republic districts and 54% of consumed energy for local administrative center Yakutsk city. Implementing into operation new generating capacities will satisfy growing energy and heat output demand and will increase energy supply reliability rate for consumers of isolated enerydistricts and Yakutsk city itself.
Current building stage
  • Development of design documentation
  • Obtaining permits
  • Conclusion of general agreement and equipment supplies
  • Preparation works
  • Building installation work
  • Commissioning works
  • Putting into operation
Project specifications
Yakutsk TPP-2 is the project meant to create new efficient combined power plant. Both electrical and heat energies will be produced in the process. Modern turbine-engine equipment will be used. Total fuel-efficiency rate of equipment is 74,7% (given in Yakutsk city). New station will be built in permafrost area. Last similar project in Far East of Russia was performed in 1960.
  • Electrical power 193,5 MW
  • Heating power 469 Gcal/hr
  • Main fuel natural gas
Yakutsk, Republic оf Saha
  • General contractor JSC «TEK Mosenergo»
  • General project designer JSC «Institut Teploelecroproect»
  • General equipment supplier GE Packaged Power Inc.
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