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Construction of phase 2 of Blagoveshchensk CHPP

Construction of phase 2 of Blagoveshchensk CHPP
Implementation into service of 2nd que of Blagoveshchensk CHPP will increase efficiency of central-heating in Blagoveschensk city and will satisfy growing demand for heat power in Amur region. It will also increase power supply reliability rate of United Eastern Energy System consumers.
Current building stage
  • Development of design documentation
  • Obtaining permits
  • Conclusion of general agreement and equipment supplies
  • Preparation works
  • Building installation work
  • Commissioning works
  • Putting into operation
Project specifications
Projects includes construction of boiler unit #5, steam turbine #4, turbine generator unit and cooling tower. Turbine will be heat producing, so steam may be used to provide more heat power. It is critically important to eliminate heating shortage in Blagoveschensk city. Station will be equipped with automated technical process control system.
  • Electrical power 120 MW
  • Heating power 188 Gcal/hr
  • Implementation into service 2015
  • Main fuel coal from Erkovetskiy strip coal mine
Blagoveschensk, Amur region,
  • General contractor JSC «Silovie mashiny»
  • General project designer CJSC «Lonas Technologia»
  • General equipment supplier JSC «Silovie Mashiny»
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