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MOEX suspends trading of RAO ES EAST shares

12.05.2016 18:09:00 / Moscow

Moscow Exchange decides to suspend the trading of ordinary and preferred shares starting from May 16, 2016 of RAO ES EAST, PJSC in accordance with the Listing rules of ZAO “MICEX Stock Exchange” and as the result of the request for compulsory acquisition (squeeze-out) of RAO ES EAST, PJSC ordinary and preferred shares made by Vostok-Finance Limited (100% subsidiary of RAO ES EAST, PJSC) under article 84.8 of the Russian Federation’s law On Joint Stock Companies.

On May 12 and 13, 2016 the T0 would be the only mode allowed for transactions with ordinary shares (ticker – VRAO, ISIN RU000A0JPVL6) and preferred shares of RAO ES EAST, PJSC (ticker – VRAOP, ISIN RU000A0JQNL1) meaning that the settlement occurs on the day of the transaction.

The shareholders of RAO ES EAST, PJSC intending to receive cash under the compulsory acquisition (squeeze-out) rules are required to submit to the registrar “STATUS” (Moscow, Russia, 109544, Novorogozhskaya ul., 32, building 1) their requests containing bank or broker account details by May 16, 2016. The forms of the requests can be found on the Company’s web-site at the following address: http://www.rao-esv.ru/en/. Any shareholder who fails to submit their requests will be mandatorily withdrawn, with a cash settlement paid into the account of a notary in the city of Khabarovsk, Russian Federation.

The squeeze-out price determined by the independent appraiser equals 0,35 RUB per ordinary share and 0,22 RUB per preferred share which totally complies with point 4 of article 84.8 of the Russian Federation’s law On Joint Stock Companies. The same price was used under the tender offer held from November 3, 2015 to January 18, 2016. That tender offer resulted in shareholders selling 11.11% of RAO ES EAST, PJSC total shares to Vostok-Finance Limited making RusHydro Group control over 95% of charter capital.

The full consolidation of RAO ES EAST, PJSC is being implemented pursuant to the approved long-term development plan of RusHydro Group aimed at increasing management efficiency of the of RAO Energy systems of the East holding.

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