RAO Energy Systems of the East
Developing energy for development of Far East
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The Holding PJSC «RAO Energy System of East» (PJSC «RAO ES of East») is the largest supplier of electricity and heat in the Far East.

The Holding was founded on July 1, 2008 to manage the energy companies operating in the United Energy System of East (Primorsky Krai, Khabarovsk Krai, Amur Oblast, Jewish Autonomous Oblast and the South Yakutia), as well as in six isolated energy systems.

The holding includes Far Eastern energy companies, such as: PJSC «FEEC», JSC «FEDC», JSC «FEGC», PJSC «Yakutskenergo», PJSC «Magadanenergo», PJSC «Kamchatskenergo», JSC «Sakhalinenergo», as well as JSC «Peredvizhnaya Energetika» (Mobile Energy). The main activities of PJSC «RAO ES of East» are the production and distribution of electric and heat energy, marketing, the development of generation capacity in the Far East, and the development of alternative energy.

Generation. Installed electric capacity - 9 047 MW. Generating companies of RAO ES of East account for two-thirds of all production in the Russian Far East accounted for the generating companies of RAO ES of the East.

Heat. Installed thermal power - 18 206 Gcal / h The heat network spans nearly 4000 km. RAO ES of the East is among the top ten producers of heat in the world.

Power grid. The length of the power grid controlled by subsidiaries exceeds 100 thousand km, which is two and a half times the length of the equator.

Sales. Companies within the holding serve more than 73 thousand legal entities and more than 2.1 million individuals.

Alternative Energy. The holding actively develops a program of generation based on renewable energy sources: the first solar panels and wind-diesel systems of the holding are already in use in the Far East, a region where renewable energy is both necessary and economically viable . By 2020, the company plans to launch up to 20 MW of capacity from renewable energy sources.

The holding employs more than 50 thousand people, in power plants and in the management structure of the holding employs more than 50 thousand people, which makes the PJSC «RAO Energy System of East» one of the largest employers in the Far Eastern Federal District.

Since autumn of 2011, the main shareholder of the Holding Company is PJSC «RusHydro», which owns about 75% of the shares of PJSC «RAO Energy System of East».

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